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The 16th Annual Journey Conference for Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs

JOURNEY 2016, Israel's most prestigious annual business conference, is where you want to be! Don’t miss out on this unique conference which features startups and leading companies from the technology industry. Join some 2,000 participants who are looking to gain insight and inspiration from over 100 of the biggest names in the industry. Time and again, we underestimate the significance and speed of disruptive innovation. Over the last 20 years, disruption has worked its way into every sphere of our lives, changing every sector in the industry, rebuilding and reshaping all fundamentals and creating new and exciting megatrends such as: mobility, cognitive computing and blockchain which are becoming an integral part of our lives. The effects of disruption are beginning to extend far beyond the business world. Technology is disrupting and altering regulatory frameworks, corporate business models; society as a whole, relationships between governments and citizens- without a doubt technology disruption is calling into question fundamental aspects of human experience.

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